5 Nutrition Myths That May Be Holding You Back From Success

  Hello Health Heads, We hope you’re having a fit and healthy week. This is our last week in Korea before we start 4 months of travel. First stop is Bangkok next week, then on to Vietnam for two weeks, then London and Ireland (Steve’s home). After Ireland we will be moving to Canada for… Continue reading 5 Nutrition Myths That May Be Holding You Back From Success


How to refuel effectively after a workout

Hello there, Happy New Year to our readers, and welcome to the first post of the year. Today is a follow on article from last weeks article, Are you Snacking Properly, PRE-WORKOUT? We are going to discuss how to eat after exercise and how to do it properly. The Low Down A common misconception is that… Continue reading How to refuel effectively after a workout


The Calorie Counting Conundrum

Hello everyone, We hope you're having a happy and healthy week. Most of our articles up to this point have been about exercise and running. So today we decided to do a nutrition article. In todays post we will delve deeper into the big 'C' word.....Calories. It's something that comes up always on our social media… Continue reading The Calorie Counting Conundrum



Hey there, I'm guessing that because you clicked on this post, you admire or are at least curious about the famous six-pack abs. I'm not sure where exactly the six-pack obsession came from- I was wrapped up in it myself as a teenager. Maybe it's a result of the photoshopped images that grace the covers… Continue reading HOW TO GET A SIX-PACK


Struggling with weight? Check your Breakfast

Hi everyone and happy October. This is our first post on nutrition and it's an important one! Here at the Health Heads we believe in an hollistic approach to exercise and diet. First off, I don't like to use the word diet. A diet, in my opinion, is a temporary fix. Instead, I like to use the word… Continue reading Struggling with weight? Check your Breakfast

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Hey guys! We just got back from a great 10 days in Vietnam and thought it would be good to talk about keeping fit on holidays. It is too easy to use travel as an excuse to stop routine exercise. I used to never exercise on holiday- I'd exercise a lot before the trip but… Continue reading EXERCISING ON HOLIDAY