5 Nutrition Myths That May Be Holding You Back From Success

  Hello Health Heads, We hope you’re having a fit and healthy week. This is our last week in Korea before we start 4 months of travel. First stop is Bangkok next week, then on to Vietnam for two weeks, then London and Ireland (Steve’s home). After Ireland we will be moving to Canada for… Continue reading 5 Nutrition Myths That May Be Holding You Back From Success


The Under-Training Trap

What is under-training? Under training occurs when the body becomes used to a training regime. It takes your body around eight weeks, to achieve maximum results from a training programme. Under-training doesn't really have the same negative health impacts like we discussed in last weeks post Are You Overtraining? Finding the Balance. The negative impact of… Continue reading The Under-Training Trap


Are you Snacking Properly, PRE-WORKOUT?u

Hello we've got another informative Health Heads post for you! This week we are talking about what and how to eat before an exercise bout. It is so important to eat right before exercise so that you are at your full energy potential and not setting yourself up for a sub-par performance. If you answer yes to… Continue reading Are you Snacking Properly, PRE-WORKOUT?u