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Running Barefoot VS Running Shoes

Have you seen people running with the vibram fingers running shoes (those funny looking ones with the individual toes) lately? In recent years they have become more popular, advocating a "minimalist" or "more natural" approch to running and encouraging people to train their feet, rather than "casting" their feet in running shoes. If you've ever… Continue reading Running Barefoot VS Running Shoes

Workout of the Week

´╗┐Workout of the Week: RUNNING AGAIN AT LAST

No exciting workouts this week- things haven't gone to plan. I wasn't able to stick to my workout schedule because of a pain in the top of my foot that started after the last 10k race. Every time I'd lace up and walk, the pain would get worse. On Wednesday I was thinking, there's no… Continue reading ´╗┐Workout of the Week: RUNNING AGAIN AT LAST