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´╗┐Workout of the Week: RUNNING AGAIN AT LAST

No exciting workouts this week- things haven't gone to plan. I wasn't able to stick to my workout schedule because of a pain in the top of my foot that started after the last 10k race. Every time I'd lace up and walk, the pain would get worse. On Wednesday I was thinking, there's no… Continue reading ´╗┐Workout of the Week: RUNNING AGAIN AT LAST

Half Marathon Training

Steve’s Half Marathon Training: RECOVERY!

Hello fellow runners, I hope you are well on this Monday morning. There were some big races over the weekend. The big one was the New York Marathon. After years of African dominance in the women's race, Shalene Flanagan won the women's marathon. Seeing a non-African runner on top of the podium is a rare… Continue reading Steve’s Half Marathon Training: RECOVERY!


Running vs Strength Training for Weight Loss

Hello everyone, we hope you're having a good training week to date. Today's topic covers a question we're asked about on a regular basis: What is better for losing weight, strength training or running? The answer to this question is not straightforward. In this post we will look at both modes of training, and educate… Continue reading Running vs Strength Training for Weight Loss

Half Marathon Training, running

Steve’s Half Marathon Race Report: Gust, Guts & Glory

Hello fellow runners, If you've been following my weekly training posts, you'll know that I was racing yesterday in Mokpo, Korea. The race was the Mokpo Half Marathon. Mokpo is a seaside city, located in the South Western tip of South Korea. The leadup The lead-up to the race couldn't have gone any better. I… Continue reading Steve’s Half Marathon Race Report: Gust, Guts & Glory


K.I.S.S Your Exercise Woes Goodbye.

Hello everyone, It's a busy week for us Health Heads. We are racing this weekend at the Yudalsan Marathon, in Mokpo, Korea. Catherine is running the 10km and Steve is running the half marathon. If you want to read about our journey to the start line, check out or weekly training diaries. The thing we… Continue reading K.I.S.S Your Exercise Woes Goodbye.