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Winter Outdoor Exercise: The Essential Guide

Hey everyone! Winter has kicked in and it brings with it some challenges for exercisers. This post will explore the benefits to Winter exercise, and strategies to use to help you succeed. In nature, animals hibernate for the entire winter. We don't exactly sleep all winter, but we tend to spend less time outdoors, when… Continue reading Winter Outdoor Exercise: The Essential Guide

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Running Barefoot VS Running Shoes

Have you seen people running with the vibram fingers running shoes (those funny looking ones with the individual toes) lately? In recent years they have become more popular, advocating a "minimalist" or "more natural" approch to running and encouraging people to train their feet, rather than "casting" their feet in running shoes. If you've ever… Continue reading Running Barefoot VS Running Shoes

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Morning vs Evening Workouts: What’s better?

Hi everyone, hope you had a good weekend. We ran the Suncheon (Korea) 10km and Half Marathon on Sunday- posts on the race up soon! For this weeks post, we want to talk about the morning vs evening workout routine. Do you prefer to workout in the morning or the evening? Mornings We all know someone who, because… Continue reading Morning vs Evening Workouts: What’s better?


Return of the YELLOW DUST

Hello hope you had a great weekend. My weekend was great apart from one thing...the return of dreaded fine dust! The past few weeks the weather and air quality has been great. I've been able to go hiking, go for runs outside, and just enjoy spending time outdoors. That all changed on Friday. I watched all day at… Continue reading Return of the YELLOW DUST

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Hey guys! We just got back from a great 10 days in Vietnam and thought it would be good to talk about keeping fit on holidays. It is too easy to use travel as an excuse to stop routine exercise. I used to never exercise on holiday- I'd exercise a lot before the trip but… Continue reading EXERCISING ON HOLIDAY