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Your Guide to the Elliptical

It's a machine found in practically every gym around the world. The elliptical¬† or "cross trainer" as it's sometimes named, has been around since the beginning of time! It originated from cross-country skiing as it mimics the movements you experience while skiing. Whether you already use the elliptical or want to start, we will go… Continue reading Your Guide to the Elliptical

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Winter Outdoor Exercise: The Essential Guide

Hey everyone! Winter has kicked in and it brings with it some challenges for exercisers. This post will explore the benefits to Winter exercise, and strategies to use to help you succeed. In nature, animals hibernate for the entire winter. We don't exactly sleep all winter, but we tend to spend less time outdoors, when… Continue reading Winter Outdoor Exercise: The Essential Guide

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Running Barefoot VS Running Shoes

Have you seen people running with the vibram fingers running shoes (those funny looking ones with the individual toes) lately? In recent years they have become more popular, advocating a "minimalist" or "more natural" approch to running and encouraging people to train their feet, rather than "casting" their feet in running shoes. If you've ever… Continue reading Running Barefoot VS Running Shoes


Running vs Strength Training for Weight Loss

Hello everyone, we hope you're having a good training week to date. Today's topic covers a question we're asked about on a regular basis: What is better for losing weight, strength training or running? The answer to this question is not straightforward. In this post we will look at both modes of training, and educate… Continue reading Running vs Strength Training for Weight Loss


K.I.S.S Your Exercise Woes Goodbye.

Hello everyone, It's a busy week for us Health Heads. We are racing this weekend at the Yudalsan Marathon, in Mokpo, Korea. Catherine is running the 10km and Steve is running the half marathon. If you want to read about our journey to the start line, check out or weekly training diaries. The thing we… Continue reading K.I.S.S Your Exercise Woes Goodbye.



Hey there, I'm guessing that because you clicked on this post, you admire or are at least curious about the famous six-pack abs. I'm not sure where exactly the six-pack obsession came from- I was wrapped up in it myself as a teenager. Maybe it's a result of the photoshopped images that grace the covers… Continue reading HOW TO GET A SIX-PACK

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Why You Should Foam Roll Today!

Hello everyone! Today we are looking at the foam rolling and it's benefits. We will also feature a picture guide for the main 6 foam roller exercises. Benefits of foam rolling: Foam rolling massages your muscles much like a deep tissue massage. Knots form in muscles as a byproduct of exercise, and if they don't… Continue reading Why You Should Foam Roll Today!