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Your Guide to the Elliptical

It's a machine found in practically every gym around the world. The elliptical  or "cross trainer" as it's sometimes named, has been around since the beginning of time! It originated from cross-country skiing as it mimics the movements you experience while skiing. Whether you already use the elliptical or want to start, we will go… Continue reading Your Guide to the Elliptical

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Morning vs Evening Workouts: What’s better?

Hi everyone, hope you had a good weekend. We ran the Suncheon (Korea) 10km and Half Marathon on Sunday- posts on the race up soon! For this weeks post, we want to talk about the morning vs evening workout routine. Do you prefer to workout in the morning or the evening? Mornings We all know someone who, because… Continue reading Morning vs Evening Workouts: What’s better?

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Why You Should Foam Roll Today!

Hello everyone! Today we are looking at the foam rolling and it's benefits. We will also feature a picture guide for the main 6 foam roller exercises. Benefits of foam rolling: Foam rolling massages your muscles much like a deep tissue massage. Knots form in muscles as a byproduct of exercise, and if they don't… Continue reading Why You Should Foam Roll Today!