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Why Warm Up?

Hello there,

We hope you’re having a healthy and fit week!

Today is a follow up post from A 10 minute warm up routine to get the most from your next workout. If you haven’t read it yet, now is a good time 😋

Before you read this post, ask yourself the following:

Do you enter the gym and start an intense workout straight away?

Do you feel stiff and tight before starting a workout?

Are you prone to injury following an intense training period?

If you answered yes to any of the above, chances are you’re not taking the time to complete a warm up (WUP) routine.

When to WUP?

Whether you’re weight training or doing a fitness class at your local gym, a warm up routine should be an essential component of each workout, especially intense ones.

Why WUP?

The warm up is designed to get the body from a rested state, to an exercise state… gradually. When rested, the heart rate is at it’s lowest level, so a gradual raising of the heart rate prepares your body and mind for the task at hand. As blood starts to pump around the body at a faster rate, the muscles start to contract and use their glycogen to fuel the exercise. Following an adequate warm up, your body will be at it’s optimum state to undertake the workout to follow.

What type of WUP?

The warm up consists of a cardio exercise for a specific duration, at an easy/steady intensity (talking pace). Try to match the cardio machine to the workout type. For example a treadmill warm up is ideal for a running workout. Using the rower or the elliptical is a good way to warm up for a weights session.


The duration depends on many factors including, fitness level, exercise type, temperature etc.

5-10 minutes warm up would be ideal for:

Most types of workouts

Weight lifting

New exercisers

Novice runners, cyclists etc

10-20 minutes warm up is good for:

Experienced endurance athletes

TOP TIP: Complete the warm up, then complete our routine A 10 minute warm up routine to get the most from your next workout

Common WUP mistakes:

  1. Too intense: keeping the warm up at an easy to steady pace is the key to a good warm up.
  2. Too short: If the duration of the warm up is too short, the body isn’t warm enough to perform intense exercise.

We hope this post will help you get the most out of your next workout.

Let us know your warm up routine.

Until next time,

Happy working out,

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