A 10 minute warm up routine to get the most from your next workout

We’re currently on vacation in Thailand, writing to you from the beautiful island of Ko Samet. With no gym available and plenty of beach to work with, we’ve had to improvise our strength workouts.

It got us thinking about how important a good warm up routine is to prepare the body for an intense bout of exercise. We have designed our own routine, that we use for every strength workout. Give it a try before your next workout and let us know how it goes.

The warm up routine is designed to include all major muscle groups, making sure your body is ready to perform. The exercises are simple and effective.

So, here it is.

5-10 minutes of easy running/jog

-Change duration based on fitness level

10 reps, 2 sets of the following exercises;

– shoulder rotations (10 each direction)

*raise your shoulders and make circles clockwise, then switch direction.

– overhead arm circles (10 each side)

*simply extend your arms overhead and make a big circle keeping your arms straight. Then switch direction.

– standing trunk rotations (10 each side)

* extend arms straight out to your side, then rotate your body from the waist up, slightly turn your hips to facilitate the twist. Don’t go fast, it’s more of a stretch.

– hamstring kicks (10 each side)

*plant one foot on the floor and with the other, kick straight up in the air keeping your legs as straight as possible.

– bodyweight walking lunges (10 each side)

*drop your back knee half way to the floor. Keep your front knee behind your toes.

– bodyweight side lunges (10 each side)

* step with one leg to the left of your body, bend your knee and reach and touch your ankle. Keep your trailing leg straight. Keep your toes pointing forward throughout.

We hope you find this routine useful,

Until next time,

Happy training,

2 thoughts on “A 10 minute warm up routine to get the most from your next workout”

  1. It is very important for every runner.
    Warming up that you post makes us get ready to run and performance better without any injories.

    Sometimes I forget it
    You make me need doing it whenever I run.

    Your posting is very helpful for me,
    Even though I am a very faat runner.

    I expect what next you will post.
    Thank you for very

    Liked by 2 people

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