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Our Korean Ski Trip- Muju Resort

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Last weekend we went on a ski trip to Muju in South Korea, here’s the lowdown!

We booked the trip a few weeks ago, with some friends. After some research and reading blogs we decided on Muju. Muju is a ski resort town 3 hours north of our city (Gwangju). It’s one of the bigger ski resorts in Korea. They boast to have the steepest run in Korea, named “Raiders” at 60 degree and the longest run “The Silk Road” which runs for six kilometres! With the Winter Olympics coming up, we just had to try some Korean skiing.

Downhill skiing as an exercise form

If you’re lucky enough to be a regular downhill skier, you will pleased to hear about the benefits it has to offer. Downhill skiing is an endurance activity but has a power and a core element to it. Runs can last from 1 minute to 10+ minutes in length. A strong core is essential for skiing, without a stable core, you will be off-balance on the ski’s. Making turns on skis works your hip and glutes like no other, this is great for your hip and glute strength, which carries through to other activities.

Muscles worked: Glutes, Quadriceps, core, shoulders. It’s a full body exercise.

Calories burned: Depending on the length of the run and your bodyweight, you can expect to burn anywhere from 400-600 calories per hour.


The low- down, Muju

Muju has two main run areas. In our area there was three main runs open, one beginner and two intermediate slopes. It was our friends first time skiing so we went on the beginner runs for the first hour or two.

Ski sessions: There are 2,4 or 8 hour options for skiing. We did the 8 hour session from 2pm to 10pm. As the day went on, the line ups got less and less.

Price: It cost us 75 USD each for 8 hours of skiing, that included skis, snow pants, lift pass and a shuttle service to a from the resort.

accommodation: We stayed at the Muju Inn Guesthouse. It was a great place to stay, we would highly recommend it. They have links with the ski shop, so the prices are heavily discounted. It’s only 3km from the slopes.

Food: It was a very Korean Apres Ski experience. There was one huge food hall at the base of the slopes. They served mainly Korean food, which mightn’t be appetising for foreign guests! It was a no frills experience.

Storage: They have storage lockers for 1 USD per day, which is great for storing your belongings. We did leave our skis outside, but one of our friends skis were taken. We’re not sure if this was accidental or on purpose! Either way it cost us 100 USD and lost ski time, but we ended up skiing most of the night session.

Resort website:

accommodation website: Google Muju inn Guesthouse

Great view from the guesthouse


Personal experience

We really enjoyed the skiing at Muju, after 8 hours of skiing we were happy to leave! There is a whole other set of slopes we didn’t get to try this time. There is something for every level of skier here. We would recommend it for group trips especially, it helps with the overall cost and experience. The one downside of the resort is it’s location. It is almost bang in the middle of Korea. The  transport links are limited to buses. Renting a car or getting a resort shuttle from Seoul would be the best option. If you’re looking for a more modern resort, there are numerous resorts between Seoul and Pyeongchang, where the Winter Olympics are being held.

Trying to stay warm!



interesting things you will see at a Korean ski resort.

  1. The ski passes are a card and are not attached to anything, but instead it works as a swipe entry system.
  2. The slopes close for 2 hours every 4 hours for maintenance.
  3. There is very little snow in the surrounding area. The resort heavily relies on artificial snow for their slopes, so the runs can be icy.
  4. Couples wear matching snow suits.
  5. The majority of people were snow boarding.


Sunset at the Muju resort

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our ski trip.


Let us know your experiences of skiing around the world.

Until next time,

Happy Skiing

The Health Heads

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