Workout of the Week

Workout of the Week: RUNNING AGAIN AT LAST

No exciting workouts this week- things haven’t gone to plan. I wasn’t able to stick to my workout schedule because of a pain in the top of my foot that started after the last 10k race. Every time I’d lace up and walk, the pain would get worse. On Wednesday I was thinking, there’s no way I can run another 10k on Sunday!

I was beginning to lose hope when Steve told me to go put on my older pair running shoes. I had been wearing my current running shoes for a while and was planning on switching to new ones after the second race.

So I put on my older running shoes and headed out…just an easy jog to see if the pain got worse after a few minutes. In the older shoes the pain didn’t get worse, and I was able to run a full 30 minutes! Turns out there’s actually more support and cushioning left in my older ones. This week I’ll be able to get 3 runs in before the race on Sunday- just 30 minute, easy jogs. I’m still not sure whether I’ll run the 10k hard or whether I’ll take it easy- just have to see how the foot is feeling on the day.

It’s crazy how much difference shoes can make! Be sure your shoes are worn in but not too worn before a big race. Has anyone else had trouble because of shoes?

Be sure to check the blog next week with mine and Steve’s race updates.

Until next time,


The Health Heads


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