Workout of the Week

Workout of the Week: TAPER WEEK

Hi! Just a quick post this week as I’m on my taper week. This basically means that my training load has decreased because on Sunday I’ll be running my first ever 10km race! The goal is to go into the race rested and ready to run- and finish under in 55 minutes. I had one less weights workout than normal and shorter-than-normal runs throughout the week. I didn’t do any new workouts this week to allow my body to recover and be ready for Sunday. I’ve also upped my vitamin intake this week- making sure to eat extra fruit throughout the days to prevent getting sick, which is common when cutting down your training.

Here’s what my week is looking like so far:

Monday- rest

Tuesday- 35 run + 4 x 20 second strides

Wednesday– Weights workout (same exercises as last week but more reps, lighter weights, and 1 less set)

Thursday– 30 run + 3 x 20 second strides

Friday– 30 run easy

Saturday– rest

Sunday– RACE DAY (10km)


Hope you all have a great week and until next time,


The Health Heads

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