Workout of the Week


Happy Thursday. I want to share a great weights workout I did last night (which I am still feeling today)! If you’re looking to switch up your routine, why not give this one a go? There are only 4 exercises but 4 sets. Until now, I’ve only done 3 sets in weight workouts and that last set was killer.  This workout focuses on big compound lifts. The workout is designed to build overall body strength. Here’s the workout…


Warm Up and Cool Down: 6 minutes each

3:1 TUT (3 seconds down and 1 second up)

4 sets

Exercise 1: Deadlift x 6 reps (40kg)

Exercise 2: Push Press x 6 reps (20kg)

Exercise 3: Bent over Row x 6 reps (8kg each hand)

Exercise 4: Stiff Leg Deadlift x 6 reps (20kg)

2 minute recovery after each set


Overall the workout took me 36 minutes. It’s a great total body workout, and with proper form and TUT you can be sure to feel the burn.

Happy lifting and until next time,


The Health Heads

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