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Why You Should Foam Roll Today!

Hello everyone!

Today we are looking at the foam rolling and it’s benefits. We will also feature a picture guide for the main 6 foam roller exercises.

Benefits of foam rolling:

Foam rolling massages your muscles much like a deep tissue massage. Knots form in muscles as a byproduct of exercise, and if they don’t get flushed out, muscles can become strained or pulled. Foam rollers come in many shapes and sizes and are very portable and easy to use. Regular foam roller use will increase your range of motion, reduce injury risk, and speed up recovery from exercise; win-win-win.

The best time to roll:

Much like exercise, it’s best not to perform on cold muscles. Following moderate exercise or static stretching is the optimal time to foam roll.

TIP: When you hit a painful spot on a muscle, hold on that spot until the pain eases. This will flush out the waste from the muscle.

Duration and frequency of the roll.

30-60 seconds overall on each muscle group is ideal to fully work the muscle. Perform the 6 exercises below, 2-3 times per week starting off. Be sure to roll the entire length of the muscle.

The Calf Roll




The Hamstring Roll




The Quad Roll



The Hip Flexor Roll




The Back Roll 



The IT Band Roll


With consistent use, you can be sure to feel the benefits of foam rolling.

What are your favourite ways to use the foam roller?

Until next time,

Happy Rolling!

The Health Heads


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