Workout of the Week

Workout of the Week: DO YOU STRIDE? 

Hey hi hope you had a great week.

I’ve been running around Jeju island this past week and it has been such a treat. This island is an outdoorsy paradise! There’s amazing bike lanes that go all around the island, a massive mountain in the center (which we’re climbing tomorrow) and beautiful beaches. I haven’t been able to get to the gym so to keep up my training I’ve increased my number of strides/sprints from 4 to 5, and swapped my weights workouts for strength workouts at the local park.

My favorite workout from this week was:

35 minute jog + 5 x 15 second strides

I ran the strides at the end of the 35 minute jog at sprint pace with a 30 second slow jog in between each stride.

Why you should stride too!

1. Strides improve power in your legs.

How? By recruiting the fast twitch muscle fibers in your legs that normally don’t get used at sub-maximum jogging paces.

2. Strides improve your running economy or efficiency.

How? By keeping the body guessing and shaking up the regular running routine, strides can increase your regular running pace.

3. Strides help flush out metabolic waste.

How? They increase blood flow to the legs which will help flush out any junk from previous runs or workouts.
Stride How-to

Starting off, recovery between strides can be a walk because the focus of strides is power, and power is only effective when your muscles are rested.

Focus on good upright form to get the most from your strides.
Remember: Keep your duration short, intensity high, and recoveries twice as long as the intervals. 

Happy striding, hope you found this useful!

Until next week,


The Health Heads

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