Half Marathon Training

Steve’s Half Marathon Training: Week 5- The Real Work Begins!

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a good week.

Up until this point of my training, I’ve been building up my mileage and this week the tempo runs have increased duration and the speed workouts have gotten faster.

This week marked the start of the quality phase of training for the half marathon. This phase will be 3 weeks in total and is the final phase of training before the peak phase starts.

This week was a fun week of training, as a new stimulus was added- max speed workouts (Vo2 max training). Bad air pollution again meant this had to be done on the treadmill, which was tough but felt good after! On Thursday I ran 2x 15 minute tempo with 1 minute jog recovery. For me this was a tester workout to dial in on the pace I want to run my half races at. I averaged 3.44-3.45/km on each section or 6 minutes per mile. This bodes well for the next phase of training.

The week looked like this:

Monday: rest day
Tuesday: 6x 3min hard with 2 minutes recovery/ pace 3.31/km
Wednesday: easy run with 8×100 strides/9km
Thursday: 2x 4km tempo with 1 min rest/ 3.44-3.45/km pace
Friday: 7km easy with 10 mins weights circuit, single leg deadlift, woodchops, upright row, push press, deadlift, 8-10 reps 

Saturday: 8.5 km + strides
Sunday: Long run/ 22.94km/4.48/km avg/hr 154bpm

Total distance: 72km
This week I want to talk a bit about progression.

Progression– to slowly change the stressor so that the body adapts and grows stronger.

It’s best not to increase more than one aspect of training each week. You would either change the duration or volume, or intensity of your training. This goes for most sports. If you change more than one stimulus the body can become overwhelmed and this can lead to an overuse injury or at best burn out. My mantra for training is, it’s better to be consistent with training long term, than to be a hero for a week or two!

Progression guide for running training.

                          The Long run

Increase your long run by 1 mile per week, every 4th week drop the volume again for recovery.

Speed/interval training

Say for example, you run 6×400 meters on week one, the next week you need only to add one 400m rep (7x400m), and that’s sufficient for progression to take place. Alternatively, doing the same 6x400m workout, but just decreasing the recovery interval, will also do the trick.

           Tempo or threshold running

An example of tempo running progression would be:

Workout 1: 2x2km 1 minute jog recovery

Workout 2: 3x2km 1 minute jog recovery

Workout 3: 2x3km 2 minute jog recovery

See my previous weeks post on cruise tempo intervals for more info.

Top tip: As a rule of thumb, include endurance runs, tempo workouts, and speed/interval workouts in each training cycle. Think of each new phase as adding to what you’ve already developed.

For example

Phase 1: 90% endurance, 10% threshold

Phase 2: 85% endurance, 10% threshold, 5% speed work.

Phase 3: 75% endurance, 10% threshold, 8% speed work.
This week also marked the start of our chuseok holiday here in Korea, a 10 day long vacation which is much needed! We took the ferry from Mokpo to Jeju island in Korea on Saturday. The long run on Sunday was so enjoyable, running around the Olle trail on the island. If you haven’t heard of Jeju, check it out, it’s outdoor lovers paradise!
Remember: Keep it simple, there’s no need for fancy workouts.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog.

What are you training for at the moment?

Until next time,

Happy running,

Steve 😉

The Health Heads

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