Half Marathon Training

Steve’s Half Marathon Training: WEEK 3

Hello everyone,

Last week was my peak week of this training cycle. Overall it was a challenging week, but one that was very rewarding. My current cycle of training was aimed at increasing my long run distance and increasing my running strength.

My training week was as follows:

Monday: easy 7km run

Tuesday: workout details below

Wednesday: recovery run 10km

Thursday: see workout details below

Friday: recovery run 8km

Saturday: easy run with strides in Seoul

Sunday: Seoul long run|19.5km hilly route|5min/km average

Total weekly mileage: 80km

Tuesday was supposed to be a track day but with bad air pollution again, it became a treadmill workout. I’m not a fan of the treadmill, but if it means not skipping a workout, I’m glad of it. The workout was 7x400m with 400m jog recovery. After the 400’s I ran 4x200m with 200m jog recovery. The running is fast, above threshold pace. The aim of the workout is to work on speed endurance and running economy. If you just run long slow miles you will become a long slow runner. Adding these intervals takes your fitness to a new level. The work to rest ratio is 1:2-3. The focus is on good form and a fast stride. A common mistake with these workouts is running the recovery jog too quickly.

So how can you incorporate intervals into your running plan?

For 5-10km runners I would suggest 4-6x400m with 400m recovery.

For half to full marathon runners, I would suggest 8-12 reps of 400m on, 400m recovery.

Adding one rep per week is sufficient to keep you progressing.

The second big workout of the week on Thursday was 4×200 hill repeats with equal recovery followed by 5x1mile on the track with 1 minute recovery.

Thursday’s tempo workout on Strava.


This was a tough one, trying to building up to mile reps after some hill sprints. The whole purpose of the hills is to improve speed endurance and running strength (hill reps). It was a steep hill I used but it was close to the track so it was handy. Going from hills to a tempo workout is a tough transition, from speed to threshold running. My aim was to stay just below threshold pace and keep the splits consistent. The average pace for the miles were 3.40-3.45/km which was perfect pacing for week 3.

Training tip: splitting up a tempo run into cruise intervals is a very effective way of adding volume to a workout while maintaining quality. A 1 minute rest doesn’t allow the heart rate to drop too much.

Week 3 was the peak week for the first phase of Tammy half marathon season. It went better than expected, but there were some small setbacks. It’s definitely a relief to have a high volume week under the belt without any niggles or issues. Next week will be my recovery week. I will be away in the mountains near Gwangju, so hopefully there will be some running trails there.

What are you training for at the moment?

Thanks for reading,

Until next time,

Happy running.


The Health Heads


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