Workout of the Week: STRENGTH WORKOUT

Hi all – Catherine here.

This past week of exercise was my peak week. With my training, I follow a 4-week schedule which looks something like this:

Week 1 & 2: Building weeks. This means that I gradually increase my workload during this phase.

Week 3: Peak week. This is the heaviest week of exercise.

Week 4: Recovery week. Allows my body to recover with shorter runs, fewer reps etc.


My favourite workout this week was the body weight workout I did on Wednesday afternoon. Here’s exactly what I did.


7 minute Warm Up and Cool Down

3 sets of the following exercises with 1 minute recovery after each set.

  • 8 Push Ups
  • 7 Lunge Twists (with 3kg weight)
  • 7 Straight Leg Deadlifts (with 6kg dumbells in each hand)
  • 8 (each arm) Single Arm Row (6kg)
  • 30 second Plank
  • 8 Squat and Press (5kg dumbell in each hand)


Overall this workout took me 39 minutes. With each exercise I tried to follow a 4:2 time under tension (TUT) pattern. 4 seconds on the down motion and 2 seconds up made this workout extra challenging.

I love body weight workouts because they require very little gym equipment. All you need are a few dumbells and you can have a great workout.

So if you are looking for a convenient and effective strength workout, give this one a try!

Have a great week, until next time…


The Health Heads

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