Half Marathon Training

Steve’s Half Marathon Training: WEEK 1

It’s that time of the year again, for runners of all levels, to run their goal fall races. I am based in South Korea at the moment so I’ve signed up for two half marathons. One is in a city called Mokpo on October 29th and the other is in Suncheon on November 12th. The climate here is nice this time of the year, similar to the Canadian fall weather.

The aim of my weekly training diary is to keep you up to date with my training regime so you can follow along. The main aim however is to share some training advice and to build a community style forum for runners of all ages and abilities.

The thing I love about the running community is that everyone is striving to be the best they can be, regardless of level or age. I started out running, with the aim of running the school sports day 800 metre race. I didn’t last 400 metres on that first run, I was so out of breath, I ended up walking home. Fast forward and now my PB for the 800 metres is 2.03, a distant dream back then. All I’m saying is that through consistency the impossible is inevitable.

Stats for my training plan.

Current half marathon pb: 1.19.58

“A” Goal half marathon time: 75-77 minutes

“B” Goal time: 78-79

“C” goal time 80+

I think it’s important to set realistic and specific goals. “I want to lose body fat and run a 5km.” That is a admirable aim, but without specifics, its a pipe dream. Compare that goal to this one. “I want to run 78 minutes for the half marathon on the 29th of October.” This is far more specific and is more likely to come to fruition. This is still a long-term goal, a series of short term goals are needed now. For example for this week, my goal was to run 16km for my long run, at a controlled pace between 4.40/km and 5.00/km. I achieved that goal and averaged 4.46/km. As the great running coach Jack Daniels says, a workout without an aim is a waste of time.

Now lets look at my week 1 of training.

Monday: Rest day

I always take monday as a rest day. Take your busiest day off or whatever works best for you.

Tuesday: First track workout 6x400m with 400 jog

This works on speed endurance and is performed at a fast but controlled pace. Avg splits 77 seconds

Wednesday: Recovery run

Easy run with strides at the end. An easy recovery run is just as important as the preceeding workout.

Thursday: Tempo run split in two, 3kmtempo with 2 min jog followed by 2.5km tempo.

Tempo runs work on your lactate threshold and gets my body ready for half marathon pacing.

Friday: Easy run + weights

Again focus on recovery, 2 leg weight exercises and 3 upper half exercises to work the entire body without over tiring the legs for the long run.

Saturday: Another easy run with strides. Felt good and fresh.

Sunday: Long run just over 16km covered, 25 degrees and felt good throughout.

Total mileage: 58km/36 miles


Follow me on strava here for more details on my workouts: 



Lessons learned this week:

Don’t take a detour because of a dog chasing you!

Pace the speed sessions more consitently.


What are you training for at the moment?

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment below.

Hit the follow button.

Until next time,

Happy running

Steve 🙂

The Health Heads



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