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The Guide To Your Fastest 10km Ever

Hello there! I'm fresh off my first 10km and race of the year. The race was held in the city of Yeosu in Southern Korea. I ran a personal best of 36.08 minutes, placing 6th overall. A box of kimchi and a medal was the prize! Today we will delve deeper into the training it… Continue reading The Guide To Your Fastest 10km Ever


How to refuel effectively after a workout

Hello there, Happy New Year to our readers, and welcome to the first post of the year. Today is a follow on article from last weeks article, Are you Snacking Properly, PRE-WORKOUT? We are going to discuss how to eat after exercise and how to do it properly. The Low Down A common misconception is that… Continue reading How to refuel effectively after a workout

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5 tips: Making Your New Year Resolutions Stick

Hello everyone and welcome to the last post of this year from the Health Heads. We wish all our readers a happy, fit and healthy new year. After all health is wealth! Today we are sharing 5 tips to make your health and fitness resolutions stand the test of time, not just a flash in… Continue reading 5 tips: Making Your New Year Resolutions Stick


Are you Snacking Properly, PRE-WORKOUT?

Hello we've got another informative Health Heads post for you! This week we are talking about what and how to eat before an exercise bout. It is so important to eat right before exercise so that you are at your full energy potential and not setting yourself up for a sub-par performance. If you answer yes to… Continue reading Are you Snacking Properly, PRE-WORKOUT?

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Our Korean Ski Trip- Muju Resort

Hello there! Welcome to the Health Heads Page. Last weekend we went on a ski trip to Muju in South Korea, here's the lowdown! We booked the trip a few weeks ago, with some friends. After some research and reading blogs we decided on Muju. Muju is a ski resort town 3 hours north of our city… Continue reading Our Korean Ski Trip- Muju Resort

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Your Guide to the Elliptical

It's a machine found in practically every gym around the world. The elliptical  or "cross trainer" as it's sometimes named, has been around since the beginning of time! It originated from cross-country skiing as it mimics the movements you experience while skiing. Whether you already use the elliptical or want to start, we will go… Continue reading Your Guide to the Elliptical

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Winter Outdoor Exercise: The Essential Guide

Hey everyone! Winter has kicked in and it brings with it some challenges for exercisers. This post will explore the benefits to Winter exercise, and strategies to use to help you succeed. In nature, animals hibernate for the entire winter. We don't exactly sleep all winter, but we tend to spend less time outdoors, when… Continue reading Winter Outdoor Exercise: The Essential Guide